Maria Raykova projects

Current Project: "The Long Now"

"The Long Now" is my thesis film for the USC John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, to be completed in May 2015. Through the technique of under-the-camera sand animation, the film explores mankind's shifting perceptions of the passage of time, in the form of experimental documentary.

Look through the gallery below for a sneak peek at the opening sequence, as well as production stills:

image1 thumbnail image2 thumbnail image3 thumbnail image4 thumbnail

© University of Southern California 2015

SPOT Documentary

This was the result of my collaboration with the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies. It is a brief documentary video about the San Pedro Ocean Time-series (SPOT) project. I conducted the interviews, recorded footage, designed all the animation, and edited the video and audio. I used Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Audition. More info on SPOT is available at

SPOT from Maria Raykova on Vimeo.

© University of Southern California 2015

JPL Mangrove video

Short educational animation about mangrove forests and radar remote sensing. I created this video in the summer of 2013 during my internship at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I worked independently under the close guidance of Dr. Marc Simard of the Radar Science & Engineering section. Created with Toon Boom Studio 6, After Effects CS6, and iMovie.

© California Institute of Technology 2013

"It's All in You"

Science film about the life cycles of stars. This was my first film, produced between October 2011 and January 2012. I wrote and directed it, and animated several sequences. I led a team of three other animators and one science consultant. The film was animated in Toon Boom Studio 6 and edited in iMovie. 2nd prize winner, USC Science Films Competition 2012.

© Star Family 2012